Chef's bag pouches for Sous Vide cooking

Specially developed vacuum pouches by INTRAMA for low temperature cooking in water bath – Sous Vide.


Chef’s bag pouches are suitable for use in the temperature range of -17 to + 85 °C, shock cooling and refrigerator storage. They are designed to help preserve the natural juices and nutrients in the product during cooking and ensure a rich flavor, color and flavor. INTRAMA Chef’s bags are suitable for Sous Vide cooking of meat, fish, liquid foods, foods rich in liquids, fruits, vegetables and others.

They are produced from multi-layer co-extruded film with exceptional transparency for excellent visual contact with the product during cooking.


Medium barrier 


180 x 250 mm              70 µm      
180 x 300 mm              70 µm     
180 x 250 mm              90 µm     
180 x 300 mm              90 µm    
200 x 300 mm              90 µm  
300 x 400 mm              90 µm  
400 x 500 mm              90 µm