Paper Labels

The self-adhesive paper labels achieve a maximum balance between quality and price.

They are suitable for use on products, which are not exposed to excessive moisture, grease, abrasion, chemicals and other aggressive production and storage conditions. Variable information is inset by thermo-direct or thermo-transfer printing.  

The appropriate face material and label adhesive layer are selected depending on the product specifics: medium gloss (МC labels), vellum or metallized paper.  Medium gloss also allows printing onto the label back, which is especially attractive for adhering to transparent products. Vellum helps thermo-transfer print and metallized papers attach style and perfect vision to the labelled product.

The self-adhesive paper labels of INTRAMA bear the option of up to 8-colour flex printing. Print is made at an own facility equipped with high-end machines. INTRAMA assists its customers in developing designs and carries out prepress set-up of the labels.