RF Labels

Radio-frequency self-adhesive security labels.

100% compatible with the Kaufland electronic security system.  

Avail of the opportunity to test your labelled products with a radio-frequency antenna at INTRAMA Centre German. 

The RF labels provide a reliable electronic protection against thefts at retail stores. They are suitable to be used in almost all stores and sectors. The RF labels are a discreet and safe means of protection, provided through a radio frequency resonance circuit of 8.2 MHz.  The RF tag is placed under the label front, which is directly stuck on the product. The above material of the label is made of paper with fictitious barcode design. 

The protective RF labels should be affixed to clean and smooth surfaces for best adhesion. Labels should not be diffracted neither placed over nor touch metal surfaces. Even a label with aluminum film for cold / warm print would be an obstacle to their identification. Laminated aluminum packaging could also be a hindrance to the label.  

The RF labels INTRAMA offers are active and ready to be placed onto the products. They are electronically deactivated during cash payments at retail stores. If an active label crosses the store security zone, which is usually located between the cash registers and the exit, it is being detected by an antenna and activates the alarm.     


Characteristics of the RF security labels INTRAMA offers:

- Operating frequency - 8,2 MHz

- Size - 40х40mm

- Face material - МС paper

- Design – 1 colour – black barcode (fictitious)

- Spool – 76mm

- Labels in a roll - 1 000 pcs.

- Labels in a carton - 20 000 pcs.

- Weight of 1 carton – 12 kg.

- 100% compatible with the Kaufland electronic security system.