Stand Up Pouches

INTRAMA's Stand Up Pouches are excellent solution for superior shelf life and presenting the product packed.   

Various structures are being produced depending on the application and the type of product. Combinations of the following films are among the most commonly used structures: PET; PE; Alu; mPET; PP; BOPP, kraft paper and others.  

INTRAMA offers Stand Up Pouches with diverse functionalities: zipper for re-opening and re-closing, Euro hole for hanging the product, with a cut in the upper side for an easier opening and others.  

They are suitable for packaging of a wide range of products: coffee, tea, nuts, pulses, spices, olives, liquids, non-food products and many others.   

Low, medium or high oxygen barrier.

Transparent, coloured or high-quality up-to-eight colours flexo print.