Thermo-direct Polypropylene Labels

The thermo-direct polypropylene labels are the perfect solution when the convenience of direct print of variable information on a scale is being searched for and stability of the label material is required at the same time.


The thermo-direct polypropylene labels combine all the advantages of the paper and polypropylene ones, isolating their main disadvantages. 

Тhermo-direct paper labels provide the convenience of printing of variable information, but they are not resistant to more aggressive production conditions.   

Polypropylene labels last longer than other types; they are resistant to tearing, moisture and grease. They are also unaffected by fading and discoloration, which is often typical of standard paper labels. Polypropylene labels are ideal for a wide range of applications, both for retail packaging and fully automated labelling systems. However, they bear some significant disadvantages at the same time, the main one being the unfeasibility for variable information to be directly printed on scales.


Advantages of thermo-direct polypropylene labels:

- Moisture and grease-resistant;

- Tearing-resistant;

- Excellent colour contrast;

- Resistant to abrasion and chemicals;

- Print durability;

- High elasticity and perfect adhesion to uneven surfaces;

- UV stability provision;

- Printing without the need of thermo-transfer ribbon;

- Printing information on scales;

- Balanced price / quality correlation.